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Exposure doesn’t pay bills…

On several occasions I was asked to photograph certain projects or to document events where the compensation proposed was “Exposure”. I received another one today and as always I have explained that I am happy to take part in a creative collaborations or projects where everyone involved works for “free” and there is a certain goal. I am also happy to support Charity Organizations and give back to the community. But my water is boiling when I can straight see that someone is trying to rip off hard working photographers.

Exposure is great, photographers work needs to be seen to get more work, but… “Exposure doesn’t pay the bills!”
Have a look at the short movie I have seen on the blog of photographer and writer Enzo Dal Verme /reposted with permission/ below and think about it:



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DAVID RYAN - Love this video. Heard it all before and I’m sure I’ll hear it all again in the near future. Excellent post.

Bartek Witek - Thank you David for a visit and comment. I am sure we will all hear it again…

Aneta Gancarz - This is so true, if you work for nothing then you’re worth exactly that!

Martin Hemsley - Brilliant, I haven’t seen this before. Perfect timing to make me laugh when ‘mind games’ are too strong at the moment. Thanks Bartek.